Thank you for shopping with us. Pls find the following rules of billing:

  1. For the being time, We accept Credit Card payment, which is the best way to guarantee the rights of customers and sellers.
  2. Please complete the payment within 1 days after place an order, because Non-payment may result in an UPI (Unpaid Item),you can contact us to cancel order if you want to give up payment.
  3. If you encounter any problems in payment, please feel free to contact

Payment Fail?
You can change the bank card and try again. If the payment still fails, you can change the payment address, thank you

Invalid discount code?
If you fill in the discount code in the payment, the system does not automatically discount, this may be a temporary problem of the system. You can send us an email after normal purchase and payment, we will return the discounted part for you immediately, thank you.